Solo: A Star Wars Story – First Impressions Review [SPOILERS]

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My review of Solo: A Star Wars Story is finally here! I went to the Thursday, May, 24th showing, and filmed that weekend. I initially didn’t think I had that much to say about the movie, but my original recording was around an hour and 45 minutes long. It took me over a week to edit this down.

So, here is my review of Solo: A Star Wars Story…fashionably late as always. In the review, I give my first impressions of the overall tone of the movie, most of the characters, plot points, and I even make comparisons to how things were handled in Star Wars Legends material, such as the Han Solo novel trilogy from the nineties.

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——-Time Codes and Breakdown of Discussion——
01:01 Alden Ehrenreich as Han
02:45 Corellia and Lady Proxima
04:03 Han & Qi’ra’s Relationship
05:02 Han Enlisting in the Empire
05:23 Origin of Han’s Name
05:59 Battle Scene on Mimban (Three Years Later)
07:17 Introduction to Chewie
07:48 Han & Chewie’s Introduction – Legends Comparison
08:48 Movie Pacing and Character Development
09:28 Beckett’s Crew
10:36 Dryden Vos
11:55 Qi’ra Working for Dryden Los
12:31 Lando
13:19 Han and Lando’s Relationship
13:47 L3 and “SJW Controversy”
15:00 Battle on Kessel
16:25 Various Easter Eggs and Mentions
18:30 How the Movie Handled References
19:20 Beckett’s Final Scene
19:56 Han and Beckett’s Relationship
21:24 The Kessel Run
22:04 The Falcon’s Appearance and Explanation
22:59 More Kessel Run Talk
23:49 Enfys Nest and the Cloud-Riders
25:25 Qi’ra
25:50 Dryden’s Artifact Collection – Legends Comparison
26:09 Qi’ra’s Double-Cross
26:14 Criticism: Pacing / Movie Didn’t Feel Significant Enough
27:13 Warwick Davis Cameo
27:33 Rogue One References & Similarities
28:00 Darth Maul Cameo
30:39 Summary

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“Asteroid Field” from Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back [Sculptured Software, LucasArts, JVC, THQ, Nintendo] Composed by Paul Webb:
Check out DisneyMusicVEVO for John Williams Original Star Wars Musical Score:
Star Wars: Battlefront II OST composed by Gordy Haab:

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