Son In Lockdown: Episode 3 (Kevin Smith Comedy Sketch) Celebrity Show Off TBS show 2020

In episode three of the Kevin Smith Comedy SON IN LOCKDOWN Harley Quinn Smith’s boyfriend Austin Zajur adopts Shecky Silent Bob’s dog. Tune-in to TBS every Tuesday at 10/9c for the results and Check our YouTube channels every Tuesday night for new celebrity videos. Each week TBS brings you the hottest show on the internet Celebrity Show-Off! Each week some of your favorite celebrities compete against each other to see who has the most compelling content with everything produced in their own homes.

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Who cares how you found me WELCOME to my youtube channel AustinZajurLife! Occasionally, I do some pretty crazy videos with my roommates Marlin Chan aka MarMar, Caleb Emery, and Drew Scott. I love to express myself creatively and recently decided I want make youtube videos capturing my life so I can watch them when I am a 70 year old. I hope you enjoy my channel and the different video series I create! If you’d like to see me make a certain type of video just let me know CUZ I’LL MOST LIKELY DO IT and LOVE to hear your FEEDBACK!

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