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At some point, I got the grand idea to do a marathon of Star Wars iPhone games. However, not all of the Star Wars games are officially licensed by Disney, and not all can even be classified as games. I go through about eight different “Star Wars” iPhone Apps, and the original recording for this was over two hours long. Some of the Apps are a fun and worthwhile distraction, and some are bottom of the barrel App Store trash. You can check out time codes for each of the games below. I hope you enjoy.

——-Gameplay, topics, and links to Apps——
00:20 The Official Star Wars App:
03:34 Star Wars: Force Arena:
07:04 SUPREME 3D Star Heroes Maker:
08:23 Crystal Saber of Light – The ultimate light saber experience in your pocket:
12:42 Star Battle Run: No longer available, from what I can tell.
14:43 Trivia Wars – Star Force Awakens:
14:59 Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes:
16:32 Rant about iPhone games

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