Sinopse: Alienígenas escolheram a Terra como reserva de caça. Eles matam e penduram os corpos como em um matadouro. Na montanha onde mora Taylor, um velho caçador, tenta avisar a quatro jovens sobre os riscos, mas eles não o escutam. Título Nacional: Sem Aviso Gênero: Sci-fi e Horror País: Estados Unidos Lançamento: Novembro de 1980 […]

The Psychic (1977) 720p

A clairvoyant woman, inspired by a vision, smashes open a section of wall in her husband’s home and finds a skeleton behind it. Along with her psychiatrist, she seeks to find the truth about who the person was and who put her there. Soon enough, she starts to realize the possibility that she may share […]


Sinopse: Monstros que se parecem com tartarugas gigantes só que com dentes e garras grandes e afiados se soltam quando um abandonado campo de mineração é reaberto. Ao saírem das minas, as estranhas e famintas criaturas atacam os moradores locais. Título Nacional: The Boogens Gênero: Horror e Sci-fi País: Estados Unidos Lançamento: Setembro de 1981 […]

The Children

The Children full movie 2017 Full Horror Movie Scary 2017 HD 720p

Hands of the Ripper 1971 Full Movie in HD 720p ( Hammer )

Hammer: Hands of the Ripper 1971 Full Movie Please visit: http://ctavideos.com/ The infant daughter of Jack the Ripper is witness to the brutal murder of her mother by her father. Fifteen years later she is a troubled young woman who is seemingly possessed by the spirit of her father. While in a trance she continues […]

The Vault Of Horror full movie | 1973| HD 720p

Buy me a cup of coffee! https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/CTAVideos Locked in a vault, five men swap stories of recurring nightmares in this anthology horror film based on the EC Comics series. In “Midnight Mess,” Harold Rodgers (Daniel Massey) murders his sister to collect inheritance money, only to find her resurrected as a bloodthirsty vampire. A friend of […]

Prom Night 1980 Horror / Mystery Movies Full Movie 720P

Movies:To All A Goodnight Director:David Hess Cast:Jennifer Runyon, Forrest Swanson, Linda Gentile Production Co: Genres:Horror, Mystery Runtime:90 min . Prom Night 1980 Horror / Mystery This slasher movie follows a relentless killer who is out to avenge the death of a young girl who died after being bullied and teased by four of her . […]

M. R. Jαмєѕ: Gнσѕт Wяιтєя 720p

Mark Gatiss steps into the mind of MR James, the enigmatic English master of the supernatural story. How did this donnish Victorian bachelor, conservative by nature and a devout Anglican, come to create tales that continue to chill readers more than a century on? Mark attempts to uncover the secrets of James’s inspiration, taking an […]

Gothic The Movie / Gothic Der Film (English version)

«Gothic – Der Film» completely dubbed in English now. Watch the German / Deutsch version here – http://youtu.be/LDi5BxJRmgI Months after release of the well received German edition made by T.M.T. Productions, Frozen Productions created an English version. The film is now available complete with the original voices from the early Gothic game, featuring music from […]