ISOT KICKSTARTER TRAILER – The Definitive 80’s Sci-Fi Documentary

Kickstarter Link ► The definitive 80’s sci-fi documentary is underway! 40+ names attached already with more to come 4+ hours long Interviews with many of the original actors, directors, writers, SFX experts, and composers of some of the best sci-fi films of the decade Backers will join a community on Discord with a program […]

Retro Commercials – Iconic Pizza from the 1980s!

#retrocommercials #vintagecomercials #pizza Looking for a nostalgic pizza fix? We got you covered! From classic Showbiz Pizza ads to the almighty Pizza Hut chain, we visit iconic pizza restaurants and food items from the glorious ’80s! source

Retro Commercials – Iconic Soft Drinks from the 1980’s!

#retrocommercials #softdrinks #cokecommercials We celebrate some of the most iconic soft drinks from every year in the 1980s! 00:16 7UP – ft John McEnroe, Tony Dorsett, and Larry Bird – 1979 00:44 Pepsi – The Pepsi Challenge – 1980 01:16 Tab Cola – ‘What a beautiful drink for beautiful people’ – 1981 01:46 Sprite – […]

Toy Haul from 80s Toys of Princeton WV

I show off a bunch of action figures and toys I picked up recently at 80’s Toys of Princeton. #HeManSword #ActionFigures #Toys 80’s Toys of Princeton Facebook page: source

Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion DARGON by Zica (2020)

For the Shining Realm! The bugs are back thanks to Zica and in a new scale while retaining the beautiful #toyartistry of the originals. Plus an awesome surprise for posing stability. Now available at BBTS: Exclusives, polls, requests & sneak peeks: Podcast: Also available on iTunes, Stitcher & Spotify Instagram: Facebook: […]

Retro Commercials Vol 357 (1983 4k)

Holy smokers, 1983 was a great year for commercial nostalgia. Packed with great local ads too. 00:16 Gifts With Grace – local ad 00:32 MCI Long Distance Phone Company – ‘The Nation’s Long Distance Phone Company’ 01:01 United Way – Jewish Community Center – local ad 01:16 Soap Opera snippit 01:24 MASH cast goodbye snippet […]

Retro Commercials Vol 351 (1984 – 4K)

The tape quality is a little rough in this episode, but some great mid-80’s content. Especially the McDonald’s breakfast ad…and the local Japanese hibachi ad! Tape comes from an ’84 off-air recording of the Joan Rivers show featuring the Go Go’s. Enjoy! 00:21 Kibbles ‘n Bits 00:51 Visine Eye Drops 01:21 Old El Paso taco […]

6 Incredibly weird toys from the 80s | Ep 2

Today we are continuing on with our series ‘Incredibly Weird Toys’ with some vintage goodness from the 80s in episode 2! Let me know in the comments down below some of your favorite weird 80s toys for future episodes and did you have any of the toys mentioned today growing up?? Thank you to this […]


Chugging My Childhood With A Powerized Drinking Helmet: The FIREFIGHTER Challenge (feat. Allendale Fire Department): Warning: Do Not Recreate or Reenact Anything Seen In This Video. Thank You. Should L.A. BEAST Be on Hot Ones? Sign The Petition Below: Back in 3rd grade (1993), The L.A. BEAST received a Valentines Day card […]