Toys R Us Canada Vlog

Anyone wondering why I am not wearing a mask, all of Vancouver Island (850,000+ population) only has ONE person with covid19 and we haven’t had a single new case in almost 5 days, so no gloves or masks are required here! Hope you’re doing well! Just had to pop out for some groceries for myself […]

Strange Behavior (Dead Kids) Trailer

“In the Peaceful town of Galesburg, Illinois, a brutal serial killer targets the local teenagers. As the bodies pile up, Sheriff John Brady suspects that the killer is connected to the high school’s psychology department. There is something sinister about the school research program on behavioral control and Brady is determined to uncover the truth. […]

Rats (1982) – Trailer

Original title is ‘Deadly Eyes’. Also known as ‘Night Eyes’. Trailer for a Canadian film. Director: Robert Clouse Starred: Sam Groom, Scatman Crothers DVD: Bootlegs. No official release. source

Halloween III (1982) / Deadline (1981) / Spasms (1983) – Thorn EMI Teasers

Australian teaser trailers for home videos, as released by Thorn EMI in Australia and New Zealand. * Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) Director: Tommy Lee Wallace Starred: Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkins Country of Origin: USA DVD: Widely released * Deadline (1981) Director: Mario Azzopardi Starred: Stephen Young, Sharon Masters Country of Origin: Canada […]