She Ra Princess of Power – Return Of The General

When Hordak attacks Bright Moon, She-Ra must seek out ex-general Sunder, now a farmer who wants nothing to do with war, for help. When his family is captured, Sunder realizes that sometimes you must fight for freedom. source

She ra Princess of Power – Out Of The Cocoon

She-Ra is distributing food to the starving people of Sand Valley when she is captured by the evil Baron Condore. Unexpectedly, a plain young woman named Small One who metamorphoses into Flutterina rescues her. source

She Ra Princess of Power – One To Count On

When Bow and Glimmer lead a group of rebels in an effort to recapture Queen Angella’s stolen crown She-Ra teaches them to trust their own abilities and not depend anyone else to get them out of trouble! source

She Ra Princess of Power – A Lesson In Love

Young Prince Kevin runs away from home and falls through a dimensional door where he is captured by the Horde. Under Shadow Weaver’s control he causes Peekablue to be captured. When the spell wears off, Kevin wants to help the Rebellion, but She-Ra is the only one who will trust him. source

She ra Princess of Power – Time Transformer

When a Horde scientist invents a machine that can change the past, Hordak immediately sets out to change his old defeats into victories. She-Ra must stop him before the Rebellion is destroyed. source

She Ra Princess of Power – The Pearl

She-Ra and Mermista take an injured baby whale to the undersea kingdom of Oceana. Upon her arrival, She-Ra learns she must recover the Pearl of Power, which gives the Mer-people their control over the waters and sea creatures, stolen by the Horde. source