McFarlane Toys | Interview with Todd McFarlane – Spawn Kickstarter, DC Multiverse, More

New to the channel? Subscribe! ► Pixel Dan is joined by Todd McFarlane for a chate about what’s going on at McFarlane Toys! Topics discussed include the Spawn Kickstarter, DC Multiverse, and much more! Check out the Spawn Kickstarter here: #McFarlaneToys, #Spawn #PixelDan Support the show on Patreon ► Music in this […]

Jim Cornette on His Comic Book Collection

From Episode 136 of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru Artwork by Travis Heckel! Send in your question for the Drive-Thru to: Follow Jim and Brian on Twitter: @TheJimCornette @GreatBrianLast Join Jim Cornette’s College Of Wrestling Knowledge on Patreon to access the archives & more! Visit Jim’s official site at for merch, live dates, […]

Top 10 Newest Supervillain Deaths

Top 10 Newest Supervillain Deaths Subscribe To Top 10 Nerd: Being a comic book character doesn’t guarantee that you’ll live forever, for some superheroes and super villains their time is finite. The super villains on this list are the latest to be added to the need to be resurrected pile over at dc and […]

Top 10 Superheroes With Disease Immunity

Top 10 Superheroes With Disease Immunity Subscribe To Top 10 Nerd: Superheroes have many abilities and super powers for many that includes having a healing factor or some form of disease immunity. From Marvel comics to dc comics to indie comics find out which heroes are not going to be succumbing to any illnesses […]

History Of All The Lantern Corps!

Today on Variant Arris gives you the History of all 9 Lantern Corps! Plus find out what comics you should buy this week! **New Episodes Every Wednesday!** Subscribe to Variant and never miss an episode! Like, Comment & Share This Episode: Follow Arris on Twitter: Follow Variant on Twitter: Follow Arris […]

Top Superheroes Who Got Their Powers From Demons

Top Superheroes Who Got Their Powers From Demons Subscribe To Top 10 Nerd: Superheroes get their powers a variety of ways there are almost as many origins as there are characters. From Marvel Comics to Dc Comics to indie comics some of these characters have gotten their powers from demons. Find out who here […]

Top 10 Black Flash Facts You Need To Know

Top 10 Black Flash Facts You Need To Know Subscribe To Top 10 Nerd: More Top 10 Nerd Videos: Top 10 Superpowers You Didn’t Know Spider-Man Had – The Black Flash is one of the few Flashes that has never seemed to really have an identity. It was introduced in the comics as […]

10 Secrets Hidden In Famous Comics

With all the secret swears you dreamt of comics containing. #Xmen #Conan #JusticeLeague For more awesome content, check out: Follow us on Facebook at: Catch us on Twitter: source

History Of Swamp Thing!

Because you guys wanted it so bad, today Arris breaks down the history of Swamp Thing! This Weeks Buy List: For More Variant Content, Click Here: Join The Conversation About The Latest Episodes and More @: Click Subscribe and hit the Bell Button on YouTube So You Never Miss an Episode! Follow […]

TDDS – The world’s best MOTU Collection?

join Davey the self important asshole as he checks out Ben’s epic toy collection, featuring Batman, TMNT, Battlebeasts, Sectaurs, dc lego, comics and not to mention the most epic MOTU Collection. Checkout Ben’s Podcast here: like The Davey Damaged Show on facebook especially if you like dank memes. @1:12 Gremlins / Aliens @2:44 […]