Hellgate Trailer (1989)

Beyond the darkness terror lives forever. Directed by William A. Levey and written by Michael O’Rourke, this late 80s fright flick falls somewhere between Hellraiser in Pet Cemetary… not so much in terms of quality, but theme. Still, though, it manages to boast some pretty decent special effects. source

Demons (1985) – Trailer

Trailer for an Italian film. Director: Lamberto Bava Starred: Natasha Hovey, Urbano Barberini Original title: Dèmoni DVD: Widely released source

The Gate (1987) Trailer

The original 80s Trailer for the Kiddie-Horrormovie from 1987. The first movie with Stephen Dorff – and Mini-Demons without a shlong. 😉 Alternative: Gate – Das Tor zur Hölle, The Tor zur Hölle, Das Original: Gate, The Country: Canada/USA Release: 1987 Director: Tibor Takács Actors: Kelly Rowan Jennifer Irwin Louis Tripp Andrew Gunn Carl Kraines […]