The Infaceables – A Unique Gimmick & A Quick Failure | Oddities #26

Riding the popularity of Masters of the Universe toys Galoob first released Blackstar action figures followed by a sister line called The Infaceables. Infaceables had a unique vacuum gimmick and not much else and withered after a very short time. Help the channel continue to grow by checking out our Patreon: To become a […]

The Failure of the Galaxy Rangers: Space Cowboys with a Cool Theme Song

Save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain: Back in the mid 80’s a few companies decided that space cowboys were going to be the next big thing. And so we had Bravestarr, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs and, of course, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. None of them […]

The Epic Failure of Bravestarr: How Can Hubris & Research Be Wrong?

Mattel and Filmation partnered on a property, Bravestarr, in the 1980’s they were sure was going to be the next huge hit like Masters of the Universe. Instead it lasted 1 season and helped to sink a studio on the process. This is the story of Bravestarr and how market research isn’t always the way […]

The History of The Pirates of Dark Water: An Ambitious & Expensive Failure

The Pirates of Dark Water limped through 2 short seasons in the early 1990’s before being cancelled in the middle of the story. But this wasn’t just another quickly thrown together cash-in. With a well-known cast and a well-known producer Pirates of Dark Water was supposed to be a media juggernaut that turn out to […]