Cinemassacre’s Maltese Falcon Review

Thanks to Verizon for sponsoring this video. Click the link, make a purchase, and get an AVGN BFG set with signed poster for free: #Ad #VerizonWireless #FreeMerch James Rolfe reviews The Maltese Falcon on Cinemassacre. A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their […]

Atari Falcon 030 | Nostalgia Nerd

The Atari ST, STE and even Atari TT may have been decent machines, but the Atari Falcon was a new breed. Destined to be a new line of Atari computers. Unfortunately, fate would not be kind to the Falcon, and although revered among fans, most people are blissfully unaware the Atari Falcon even existed. ** […]

Dalton Escapes on the Falcon – STAR WARS MONTH 2018

Check out all of my Star Wars Content Here! ►►► Subscribe to not miss out on Star Wars Month 2018 ►►► To kick off Star Wars Month 2018, I wanted to do this green screen shot of me flying the Millennium Falcon. It ended up taking way longer than expected: All in all, […]