Top 10 Scariest Characters in Non-Horror Films

Something doesn’t have to be scary to frighten the life out of you. For this list, we’ve picked out some of the freakiest, nightmare-inducing characters to appear in movies from genres other than horror. We’re talking about those characters that, for one reason or another, creep you out, but are not what most would traditionally […]

The Horror Films of the Year 1990!

Considered one of the worst years in horror by many, we look back on the year 1990 and argue that there were many lovable creatures, sequels, and original indies that people should give another chance! Visit Bloody Disgusting ► Like Us on Facebook ► Follows Us on Twitter ► source

Top 5 Scariest Forgotten Slasher Films

Top 5 Scariest Forgotten Slasher Films Subscribe To Top 5 Scary Videos: Top 5 Scariest Forgotten Horror Movies – Part 11 We’ve covered 11 parts of our Scariest Forgotten Horror Movies lists so we decided to switch things up a little, focusing more on the slasher genre. Slasher Films were all the rage […]

6 Underrated ZOMBIE FILMS That You Should Watch!

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