13 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Jason Voorhees

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The Entire Friday The 13th Story Finally Explained

Thumbnail Image by Phantom City Creative → https://www.instagram.com/phantomcitycreative/ After all these years and so many sequels, it can be hard to remember what really happened in all the Friday the 13th movies. Let’s take a deep dive into Crystal Lake and map out the entire gruesome story. What’s the worst that can happen? In the […]


FILMED AND EDITED BY RCLAY1987 OF THE MERKINS IN COLLABORATION WITH TACO TRUCK. STARRING FREDDYKRUEGERFILES AS FREDDY KRUEGER, PAUL SCHULTZ AS JASON VOORHEES, SETH PAC AS GHOSTFACE, AARON BARCUS AS MICHAEL MYERS, AND JAKE BARCUS AS LEATHERFACE. https://m.facebook.com/TheMerkinBroth… https://www.instagram.com/rclay1987/ https://www.instagram.com/FREDDYKRUEG… Facebook………….https://www.facebook.com/tacotrucktv/ Twitter………………https://twitter.com/TacoTruckTV Instagram…………https://www.instagram.com/tacotrucktv/ Snapchat………….tacotrucksnap JASON VOORHEES VOCALS BY NATE VAILL AS WELL AS SONG PRODUCTION. […]

Savage World Horror Icons Funko Figures Video Review

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Interview with “First Jason Voorhees” Ari Lehman

Stephen Hensley interviews “First Jason” Ari Lehman at Shockacon’s 2015 event at the Beni Kedim Center. Ari Lehman is famous for portraying the very first Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th, and most recently he was in the amazing indie film The Barn! We catch up with Ari at Shockacon to see how the con is going, and we get the scoop on his band First Jason!

Crystal Lake Memories – Complete History Of Friday The 13th

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Friday the 13th: The Game – James & Mike bonus

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Friday the 13th (movie series review)

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Wake The Fuck Up – Episode 22 Friday the 13th

Wake The Fuck Up – Episode 22 Friday the 13th. Stephen Hensley interviews the horror/pop/punk band The Jasons on WTFU, and The Jasons play two new tracks from their upcoming album. Filmed by Scott Gregg and Zachary Whetzel, and edited by Scott Gregg.

Halloween 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Trailers 2016

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