The History of the Gobots – Finishing 2nd to Transformers Isn’t So Bad

People generally don’t remember who finishes in 2nd place, only the Champion which, in this case, is the Transformers. But people remember the Gobots, either as that cartoon that used to be on or as the affordable Transformers or as the one with the transforming rocks. Help the channel continue to grow by checking out […]

Lego Voltron, Transformers BotBots, Gobots & More From the PO Box

Dan shows off all the recent stuff sent in to the PO Box and the title makes it sound like it’s nothing but robots, but it’s not. Besides Lego Voltron, some Transformers BotBots and a Gobot, there’s also Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure pieces, MASK toys, Matrix toys, Stormtroopers and, of course, lots of translucent stuff including […]

The History of the Gobots

People don’t generally remember who finished second place but with transforming alien robot toys that just isn’t the case. This is the history of The Gobots. Sure, Transformers finished in a distant first place in pop culture but in this case plenty of people are still big fans of the second place finisher. Help the […]