Gorgon Video Magazine

This is the full video for the first Gorgon Video Magazine hosted by Michael Berryman. It was released on VHS through MPI but still has yet to get a DVD release. It’s one of the most often bootlegged videos out there. People featured in the video are: Wes Craven, Gwar, Linnea Quigley, and Lloyd Kaufman. […]

Gorgon Video Magazine Vol. 2

This is the full, long thought to be lost, Gorgon Video Magazine Vol. 2, hosted by Michael Berryman. This features interviews with R. Crumb, Penn and Teller, Brian Yuzma, Screaming Mad George, Stuart Gordon, and many more. This was never officially released and was only sent as screeners to a few video stores back in […]

Gorgon Video DVD Logo

…so a few summers ago I decided to re-familiarize myself with the original “Faces of Death” movies so I rent these DVDs through my Netflix account & was pleasantly surprised to find this logo on ’em… source