Grotesque Trailer 1987

Grotesque Trailer 1987 Director: Joe Tornatore Starring: Guy Stockwell, Linda Blair, Tab Hunter, Donna Wilkes, Brad Wilson, Nels Van Patten Official Content From Media Home Entertainment Nice little family film about vicious punks who get their just desserts from the deformed boy of the family that they slaughtered. At least the title is accurate! Movie, […]

Time For Murder: Bright Smiler (1985)/ p1. Janet Suzman & Jane Asher

TIME FOR MURDER: BRIGHT SMILER Episode 4 of 6 / Broadcast on the ITV Network 30 November 1985 / 60 minutes Writer: Fay Weldon / Director: David Carson / A videotaped ironic work of less than one hour, this item is from a British television programme entitled “Time For Murder”, a studio situation series comprised […]