The Evil Of Frankenstein : The Making of

It’s had a bumpier ride than most Hammer / Cushing Frankenstein films, but here for the first time, is the story behind the making of ‘The Evil of Frankenstein’. The rewrites, the nightmare of creating a new monster make up, casting, television edits…the works. Maybe after learning about IT’S struggle to be ‘created’, some may […]

Dracula Prince Of Darkness: Behind The Scenes at Bray

Original archive footage from the production of Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) – Hammer’s third Dracula film and the second starring Sir Christopher Lee. In this exclusive behind the scenes footage the film’s stars Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley and Francis Matthews recall their time on set. source


Hammer Horror classic. Dr. Bonner plans to live forever through periodic gland transplants from younger, healthier human victims. Bonner looks about 40; he’s really 104 years old! But people are starting to get suspicious. source