The Hand that Feeds the Dead (1974)

Aka Evil Face. A gory gothic horror from Italian director Sergio Garrone. This movie has a similar plot to “Eyes without a face” but with added nudity and gore. Baron Ivan Rassimov (a brilliant doctor) died horribly during a fire in his laboratory. Since that day his daughter Tanja (Katia Christine) has retired to a […]

The Hand (1981) – Trailer

Academy Award and Golden Globe-winner Michael Caine (“Hannah and Her Sisters,” “Little Voice”) stars in the film The New York Times called “a clever tale of unusual psychological intelligence and wit.” Caine delivers a spectacular performance as a cartoonist whose hand is severed in an auto accident. While Caine’s marriage and career fall apart, the […]

Bravestarr – AN OLDER HAND

Fort Kerium’s supply of X-Kerium is threatened when Scuzz takes over Fuzz’s Uncle Murn’s job of High Wizard of the Prairie People. source