House Hunting Vintage Toy Hunt And Haul

I was so excited to do my very first in home toy hunt. This was an Amazing opportunity, So come follow along with me, Come see all the cool toys and all the stuff I found. I hope you like my House Hunting Vintage Toy Hunt And Haul.. #toyhunt #toyhaul #vintagetoys Bella My Vemo […]

TOY HUNTING with Pixel Dan | TMNT Figure Haul with SCRATCH THE CAT!

New to the channel? Subscribe! ► Get 10% off your very own Ridge wallet: Pixel Dan meets up with a local collector to pick up a sweet TMNT toy haul, including a GRAIL piece!! #TMNT #ToyHunting #PixelDan Support the show on Patreon ► Music in this video is used with full permission. […]

?Quarantine Collectibles Haul

Recent haul of a few collectibles and items I have picked up. Let me know in the comments down below if you’ve scored any sweet items for your collection recently! Thank you to this week’s Patrons!: King Zachary V, Julian Ortiz, David Sekora, Marcel Kaiser, Thomas M Wilhauk, Chris Rivers, Justin, Wolfgang Schreiber, Timothy, Mark […]

Toy Haul from 80s Toys of Princeton WV

I show off a bunch of action figures and toys I picked up recently at 80’s Toys of Princeton. #HeManSword #ActionFigures #Toys 80’s Toys of Princeton Facebook page: source

Goodwill Haul March 2020 Edition

During this “Goodwill Haul March 2020 Edition” I show off VHS that I found, and VHS my wife found for me! #VHS #Goodwill #Haul MY EBAY ACCOUNT: source

?Wicked toy show haul – He-man, Street Sharks, Godzilla ++

A little bit of vlog, and a little bit of haul from my trip to the Vancouver Toy and Comic Show ? Let me know in the comments down below what your favorite item was?? And a GIANT thank you to my bro Mark from accepting my phone a friend call when I needed his […]

Thrift Store Haul January 2020 -(Weird Paul) My Best Finds Vintage Vlog Video New Shopping

Thrift Store Haul January 2020 -(Weird Paul) My Best Finds Vintage Vlog Video New Shopping The forty-seventh in my monthly series of THRIFT STORE HAUL videos! See what I found at the thrift store in January 2020! Patreon: More videos and subscribe to my channel – Like on Facebook at source


Hope you’re all having a great start to the New Year everyone! Wanted to share with you my latest haul of items that I acquired just before the New Year. Let me know in the comments down below which item was your favourite! #lauralegends #haul #vintagetoys DISCLAIMER: This video is intended for an adult audience […]

Wicked Toy Show Haul ? Dino-Riders, Street Sharks, Thundercats OH MY!

Had a great time at the Vancouver Toy Show at the PNE … and although I’m not big on waking up at 4am –it was worth it 🙂 Please let me know in the comments down below out of all the items I scored which was your favorite!!? #lauralegends #toycollector #vintagetoys Thank you to this […]

Wicked Toy Show Haul ? Street Sharks, Visionaries, Jurassic OH MY!

Got some great pick-ups from the semi-annual toy show that I attend each year! Of the items that got let me know which was your favorite in the comments down below! I wish I could attend some more toy shows/toy fairs but we don’t really get any over here ? #lauralegends #toycollector #vintagetoys Thank you […]