The Infaceables – A Unique Gimmick & A Quick Failure | Oddities #26

Riding the popularity of Masters of the Universe toys Galoob first released Blackstar action figures followed by a sister line called The Infaceables. Infaceables had a unique vacuum gimmick and not much else and withered after a very short time. Help the channel continue to grow by checking out our Patreon: To become a […]

TOY HUNTING with Pixel Dan at Retro Con 2018 (ft Toy Galaxy)

Join Pixel Dan and Dan Larson from Toy Galaxy for some toy hunting at Retro Con 2018 in Oaks, PA! Be sure to check out Toy Galaxy at SUBSCRIBE to Dan so you never miss a video! FOLLOW Dan on Twitter at LIKE Dan on Facebook at VISIT Dan online at […]

The History of He Man and the Masters of the Universe

On this episode Dan combs through the history of He Man and picks out 10 things you need to know about He Man and the Masters of the Universe. From how the line was created to the almost licensing opportunity that then turned into a rip-off line of figures, to it’s 2 (or 3) rebirths […]