Monster Madness: Best Horror By Decade – Cinemassacre

To get your own creepy Cinemassacre Collectors Edition of “In Search of Darkness II” click this spooky link, muhahaha!! James and Mike re-unite (safely) to talk about what they think is the best horror movie of each decade. They cover the 1920’s all the way up till today. Join them, in a cave where […]

Doorways To Horror (1986 VCR Game) Complete VHS Tape

Visit if you’re into this kind of retro stuff! Almost all of the videos on this channel were made from my giant collection of old VHS tapes. Wherever possible, I’ve also corrected the color and sound. Please do not redistribute my videos on other platforms without permission. Most uploads are used to complement articles […]

Why Horror?

In today’s video, we ask Mathew Kaprielian from Dusk Productions what attracted him to horror. Dusk Productions is a company providing solutions for Haunted Attractions and Halloween events. Dusk Productions offers props, sets, and displays made with care in the USA! Please check then out at This interview is part of our upcoming documentary […]

Exploring The Velvet Vampire – Art Film Meets Horror Film

Good Bad Flicks takes a look into The Velvet Vampire. Directed by Stephanie Rothman. ◘ PATREON ► ◘ TEE SHIRTS ► ◘ SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS ► ◘ TWITCH ► ◘ FACEBOOK ► ◘ TWITTER ► ◘ DISCORD ► ◘ WEARY PINES ► ◘ YOSHI ► […]

Exploring The Boogens – The Horror Film that Almost Wasn’t

Good Bad Flicks revisits The Boogens. Directed by James L. Conway. ◘ PATREON ► ◘ TEE SHIRTS ► ◘ SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS ► ◘ TWITCH ► ◘ FACEBOOK ► ◘ TWITTER ► ◘ DISCORD ► ◘ WEARY PINES ► ◘ YOSHI ► ◘ PSYCHOSTICK ► […]

Top 5 Scary Forgotten Vampire Horror Movies

Top 5 Scary Forgotten Vampire Horror Movies Subscribe To Top 5 Scary Videos: Top 5 Scary Forgotten Horror Movies From The 2010’s – Part 2 Moving along with our forgotten horror movie series, we wanted to highlight a genre of horror that we feel has developed a bad reputation as of late, Vampire […]

Stay Home and Watch These 5 Horror-Comedies!

The theaters are closed and many new movies are not being released due to quarantines around the globes, but don’t worry! We’ve got five great horror-comedy films available on streaming that are sure to lighten your social distancing blues! Visit Bloody Disgusting ► Like Us on Facebook ► Follows Us on Twitter ► […]

10 Most Powerful Items In Horror Movie History

Cursed amulets, possessed dolls, and… flying spheres of certain doom? For more awesome content, check out: Follow us on Facebook at: Catch us on Twitter: source