These Theories About Baby Yoda Are Making Us Think

The Mandalorian might be barely halfway through its inaugural season — but that hasn’t stopped Baby Yoda from becoming the subject of intense internet speculation. We’ve run across a couple of theories that have us contemplatively stroking our chins and saying, “Hmmm… fascinating, this is. Something to this, there could be.” These are the most […]

Making a life-sized crawling Spiderman for my Toy Room

In today’s video I am going to show you my latest DIY addition to my toy room! This life-sized Spider-Man was SUPER easy to make, it only took me like 5 hours off and on with food breaks in-between from start to finished and hung on the wall. This is essentially the same costume on […]


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The Evil Of Frankenstein : The Making of

It’s had a bumpier ride than most Hammer / Cushing Frankenstein films, but here for the first time, is the story behind the making of ‘The Evil of Frankenstein’. The rewrites, the nightmare of creating a new monster make up, casting, television edits…the works. Maybe after learning about IT’S struggle to be ‘created’, some may […]

Toxic Crusaders Episode 1: The Making Of Toxie

BUY NOW: Directed by Bill Hutton, Tony Love Starring Gregg Berger, Chuck McCann, John Mariano, Susan Blu (1991) Toxie and his team of supersized, toxic mutants fight to save Tromaville and the entire world from malevolent alien Dr. Killemoff!In this episode discover the not so secret origin of Toxie and the Toxic Crusaders! […]