AVGN Holiday Memories 2006-2020

From almost the start of the Angry Video Game Nerd, there have been holiday specials. From riffing on Bible Games to destroying Home Alone games with Macaulay Culkin, the Nerd has had a lot of cool holiday moments. So, here’s a clip reel to get you in the mood for Christmas right around the corner. […]

Our Favorite Halloween TV Memories with Mr. Lobo – Rental Reviews

Mr. Lobo (our Landlord) joins us for a conversation about our favorite horror TV memories. We talk about Horror Hosts like Elvira, Joe Bob, and Mr. Lobo himself and also a ton of other spooky Halloween specials and movies. From The Halloween Tree to the Garfield Halloween Special to Roseanne to creepy commercials. It’s truly […]

Video Rental Store Memories with Nostalgia Critic & Cinema Snob – Rental Reviews

Thanks to Bombfell for sponsoring today’s video. For $25 OFF YOUR FIRST purchase visit: http://www.bombfell.com/cinemassacre Bombfell. Open And clothes. Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic) and Brad Jones (Cinema Snob) stopped by Cinemassacre Video to talk about their memories of rental stores with James and Justin. Find out what it was like to rent and work at […]

The Rise and Fall of Toys R Us: Memories of When Toys Ruled the World

On this episode Dan digs through the history of beloved and nearly departed toy store Toys R Us. From its humble beginnings as Bargainworld to it’s website and strategy problems to its acquisition of FAO Shwarz and KB Toys to its bankruptcy filing in 2017. Toys R Us may be soon gone but not soon […]

Crystal Lake Memories – Complete History Of Friday The 13th

** ONLY FOR EDUCATION VALUE** Crystal Lake Memories is the ultimate tribute to one of horror’s most iconic and enduring franchises. Well that time has come again. Please enjoy the offerings. ##Please Press The LIKE Button Too## TO ALL OF THE SUBSCRIBERS AND TO THOSE WHO HAVE JUST FOUND MY CHANNEL, THANK YOU SO MUCH […]