Michelangelo Crashes an AVGN Panel – Cinemassacre

YouTooz AVGN Vinyl Figure Giveaway: https://avgn.youtooz.com/ Robbie Rist (the voice of Michelangelo in TMNT 1990) made a surprise, and very welcome, appearance at the AVGN panel during Retro Con, Oaks PA, September 2019. It was an honor! See future Retro Cons at: https://retrocons.com Cinemassacre Crew: James Rolfe https://twitter.com/cinemassacre Justin Silverman: http://justysilverman.com Kieran: https://twitter.com/Kieeeeern Check out […]

Power-Con 2019 – How Sweet It Is Panel w/ Roger Sweet

Known as the man who gave He-Man his name, Roger Sweet played a key role in the development of the Masters of the Universe toyline in the 1980s. Come visit with Roger in his very first appearance at Power-Con. Featuring: Roger Sweet Moderator: Danielle Gelehrter Video Editing: Daniel Benedict source

Power-Con 2019 – Super7 Super Awesome Panel

Super7 has kept the Masters of the Universe torch burning since 2016. Come and find out what other exciting things are in store from the purveyors of all things pop culture. Take a look into their plans for He-Man, ThunderCats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Conan the Barbarian, Toxic Avenger, and more! Featuring: Brian Flynn, Josh […]

Power-Con 2017 – 1986 Power Tour Live Commentary Panel

Join members from the cast and crew of the 1986 He-Man and She-Ra Power Tour, as they offer up a live commentary about the live show that traveled North America. Relive memories and discover things you never knew about before. Featuring: Jack Wadsworth, Leslie Wadsworth, Eric Van Baars, Gus Park, Zack Hoffman, and Forbes Candlish […]