The Enfield Haunting – First Look Trailer

In 1977 a small house in Enfield, London made newspaper headlines worldwide. It would become the most documented paranormal event ever recorded in the UK with thirty eyewitnesses, all observing one truly terrifying story. Watch the trailer for The Enfield Haunting starring Timothy Spall and Matthew Macfadyen – coming soon to Sky Living. Official Site: […]

Leap in the Dark – Dream me a winner – Paranormal – Documentary

ream Me a Winner by COLIN GODMAN starring Peter Egan

Oxford in 1946. Lord Kilbracken, then John Godley , a student at Balliol, goes to sleep and takes a glimpse into the future. Was this a case of true precognition or just a lucky coincidence?
This reconstruction of Lord Kilbracken’s excursions into prophecy is reinforced by his friends’ recollections of a case that remains an unsolved mystery for them all.

Arthur C. Clarke’s World of Strange Powers | Messages From The Dead | 1985 | VHS rip

Spiritualists believe that when the body dies the soul lives on, and if you can establish the right connections you can communicate with the dead. Noted author and scientist Arthur C. Clarke ponders this belief, and asks: “Is this any more than wishful thinking?” “Messages From The Dead” is Arthur C. Clarke’s provocative investigation of […]

A Mulher de Preto – The Woman in Black (1989)

Um filme Inglês, bem no estilo Europeu. Editei algumas cenas… Sinopse: Quando a viúva morre na cidade litorânea de Crythin, um jovem é enviado por sua empresa para vender a propriedade. O advogado considera o povo relutante em falar sobre ou de ir para próximo a casa da triste mulher. Ninguém admite que e mulher […]


The original Trailer from 1982 in High Definition. Original: Beast Within, The Country: USA Release: 1982 Director: Philippe Mora Actors: Ronny Cox Bibi Besch Paul Clemens Don Gordon R.G. Armstrong Katherine Moffat L.Q. Jones Logan Ramsey John Dennis Johnston Ron Soble Luke Askew Meshach Taylor source

Pete Walker Terror Films: Part Two

Part One: Part Three: MRM takes a look at the very british strand of slasher movies produced throughout the 70’s, the terror films of the legendary exploitation producer and director, Pete Walker. PART 3 of this vlog also includes exclusive workprint footage of THE DEVIL’S DUSK part of the forthcoming ABJECT-TERROR feature film […]


The Omega Factor, Episode 3, Part 1. Night Games. Paranormal/occult investigation series made in Scotland in the early 1970s on a smaller budget than Scooby Doo. A military trial that never happens of a sonic weapon that doesn’t exist, derived from files that aren’t there. This is Louise Jameson’s first acting part since leaving Doctor […]