I Am Patrick Swayze Official Trailer | Paramount Network

Patrick Swayze was his generation’s renaissance man. On August 18th at 9/8c, Paramount Network is planning the ultimate birthday salute with #IAmPatrickSwayze. #IAmPatrickSwayze #PatrickSwayze #ParamountNetwork The original documentary series “I Am” is an inside look at the lives of extraordinary individuals as told by the people who knew them best. Subscribe for More! https://bit.ly/2JLjjeO Follow […]

TAINTED BLOOD directed by Matthew Patrick – Raquel Welch

Thriller starring Raquel Welch about two young orphan women who are involved in murder. Also starring Joan Van Arc, Allie Mills, Kerri Green and Natasha Wagner. “This neat little thriller directed by Matthew Patrick makes a valiant effort to conceal the killer’s identity and keep the level of interest high as one revelation after another […]