Scott’s Slasher World – Clip Show

Clip shows are a way to compile the best episodes or sketches from a series to air in a single, concise package when rerunning a whole episode or series is implausible. Below are links to the full videos that are contained in this very special Clip Show!
CLIP 1 – Scarefest 2010 highlights

CLIP 2 – Daeg Faerch – Shockacon 2017
and Daeg Faerch loves blunts

CLIP 3 – Felissa Rose’s impression of Jonathan Tiersten’s character Ricky

CLIP 4 – Danny Hicks interview

CLIP 5 – rew Rin Varick – American Horror Story interview

CLIP 6 – Interview gone horribly wrong – Erika Eleniak interviewed by Robert Hibbs

CLIP 7 – Robert Hibbs interviews Fred Williamson at Shockacon 2014

CLIP 8 – Ari Lehman interview

CLIP 9 – Scarefest 2011

Indifferently Depraved Book Club: Oedipus Wrecks – An Analysis of Psycho

Penny Maple and Carla Workman bring their friend Nancy Bell to the Vclub in Huntington, WV for the second annual End the Backlog benefit. Robert Bloch’s game changing noir classic ‘Psycho’ is the topic this episode, and the girls do a great job exploring the Oedipal complex, the sanctity of motherhood, and alienating their fan base.

Penny Maple interviews Mat Fraser

At Shockacon 2015 Penny Maple interviewed actor/drummer/burlesque performer Mat Fraser. Mat stars in American Horror Story: Freaks and over a dozen other movies! You can follow them on Twitter here:
Mat Fraser –
Penny Maple –
Shockacon –

Penny Maple

Penny Maple interviewed by Stephen Hensley, and her burlesque routine. Music by Pepper Fandango. Edited by Scott Gregg. Filmed by Zack Whetzel and Scott Gregg.