Masters Of The Universe 1983 (Limited Edition Record)

Far in the deepest regions of the universe, exists a world beyond all imagining. Here on the beautiful planet Eternia, a battle is raging between the powerful He-Man and his arch-enemy, Skeletor, Take a giant step into a new world of fantasy and adventure with Masters of the Universe! source

1988 – Burger King – Alf Invades BK Commercial

A Burger King is infested with an overabundance of Alf puppets, all of whom appear to have transformed into living beings. Dolls are found sunbathing under a french fry heat lamp, performing rock music and popping out of a Whopper box, amongst other activities. As the commercial closes, a couple of the dolls proceed to […]

Evil Dead Trap 2 (死霊の罠2/ヒデキ) (1991) (Japanese Trailer)

Directed by Izô Hashimoto / JHV Uploaded merely because there wasn’t a more easily found upload of this trailer here. Otherwise, this film, even taken independently from Evil Dead Trap (as it really should be perceived), is a waste of time with a nonsensical climax obviously written with no idea how to wrap up the […]