The Mutilator (Remastered) Trailer 1985

Scene by Scene re-creation of the original theatrical trailer for The Mutilator, using the USA Laserdisc as video source and audio from the super compressed unwatchable trailer from Youtube.. source

Horror Express Remastered

In 1906, Professor Alexander Saxton (Christopher Lee), a renowned British anthropologist, is returning to Europe by the Trans-Siberian Express from China to Moscow. With him is a crate containing the frozen remains of a primitive humanoid creature that he discovered in a cave in Manchuria. He hopes it is a missing link in human evolution. […]

The Return of Dracula – 1958 – Francis Lederer (HD Remastered / Full Movie)

The Return of Dracula is a 1958 horror film starring Francis Lederer as Dracula. It is set in a small town in California in the 1950s, where Count Dracula arrives in the form of an artist. (For ages 12 and up!) Official Site : Patreon Page : T-Shirts! : 2nd Channel : […]