Lots of Robots, Robotech, Changeables & Gatchaman – Dan in the Photobooth #195

Dan is in the booth and he starts with some McFarlane Toys Destiny and Fortnite figures before moving on to stuff from the PO Box. Toynami Robotech figures, lots of Transformers, Space Ghost, Gatchaman (or Battle of the Planets) figures and an addition to the Boba Sett! Help the channel continue to grow by checking […]

The History of Voltron: Lions and Cars and Robots, oh my!

In this episode Dan talks about the history of Voltron Legendary Defender, how this robot made of mechanical lions was created and what lead to him being Americanized. And, after being dormant for a long time, his revival on Netflix. You’ll also learn about the other 2 versions of Voltron. A lot of people remember […]