Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion DARGON by Zica (2020)

For the Shining Realm! The bugs are back thanks to Zica and in a new scale while retaining the beautiful #toyartistry of the originals. Plus an awesome surprise for posing stability. Now available at BBTS: Exclusives, polls, requests & sneak peeks: Podcast: Also available on iTunes, Stitcher & Spotify Instagram: Facebook: […]

Sectaurs – The Lost Hyves of Symbion

Sectaurs – The Lost Hyves of Symbion – Children of Earth, I am Mantor, one of a new race – a Sectaur from the planet Symbion. Welcome to your Sectarus Read-Along Book.Follow me on this great journey! This is a 4K scan and audio/video recording from 1985. #Sectaurs source

Coleco Sectaurs Prince Dargon with Dragonflyer (1985)

Get ready to bug out for this retro 80’s royalty and his winged companion, one of my personal childhood favourites! Sectaurs are back at BIGBADTOYSTORE! Exclusives, polls, requests & sneak peeks: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: My other channel: Theme “Broke Down Automobile” & end theme “Monsters” by Available on […]

Sectaurs Origin Toy Commercial

Toy commercial for the Sectaurs toyline which reveals their origin. They actually put quite a bit of effort into this commercial. Ultimately it didn’t work though.

The History of Sectaurs: How Could Insect Puppets Fail?

On this episode Dan dives into the history of Sectaurs, a toyline and animated series with an insect motif that briefly popped up on the pop culture landscape in 1985. With it’s unique play features, however, the toyline has long been a favorite and made quite an impact through to today. Help the channel continue […]

TDDS – The world’s best MOTU Collection?

join Davey the self important asshole as he checks out Ben’s epic toy collection, featuring Batman, TMNT, Battlebeasts, Sectaurs, dc lego, comics and not to mention the most epic MOTU Collection. Checkout Ben’s Podcast here: like The Davey Damaged Show on facebook especially if you like dank memes. @1:12 Gremlins / Aliens @2:44 […]

Sectaurs: The Hyve playset review – Episode 12

Reviewing the gigantic Hyve playset, from Coleco’s 1985 insect-inspired Sectaurs toy line. Join the official Retro Toy Review fanpage on Facebook at: And follow us on Twitter: @RetroToyReview source