Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion DARGON by Zica (2020)

For the Shining Realm! The bugs are back thanks to Zica and in a new scale while retaining the beautiful #toyartistry of the originals. Plus an awesome surprise for posing stability. Now available at BBTS: Exclusives, polls, requests & sneak peeks: Podcast: Also available on iTunes, Stitcher & Spotify Instagram: Facebook: […]

Sectaurs – The Lost Hyves of Symbion

Sectaurs – The Lost Hyves of Symbion – Children of Earth, I am Mantor, one of a new race – a Sectaur from the planet Symbion. Welcome to your Sectarus Read-Along Book.Follow me on this great journey! This is a 4K scan and audio/video recording from 1985. #Sectaurs source