The Lost Masters of the Universe Figure | Toysplosion

New to the channel? Subscribe! ► This episode of Toysplosion is sponsored by In 1982, Mattel launched their Masters of the Universe line of action figures. While this was a bold new idea for a toy line, many elements in the beginning were reused from previous successful Mattel toy lines. Explore the connection […]

The History of Visionaries: The Hologram Gimmick Didn’t Sell

On this episode we cover the history of the Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light. Released by Hasbro in 1987 their play gimmick was holograms. With a comic book series from Marvel and an animated series what could go wrong? Plenty. While Visionaries didn’t sell in 1987 the property has been sitting on the edge […]

The Rare and Bizarre Masters of the Universe Figures of Top Toys! – Toysplosion

Welcome to Toysplosion – the show all about the hobby of toy collecting and getting nostalgic about toy history! In today’s episode, we’re exporing the world of foreign Masters of the Universe action figure releases! Top Toys distributed officially licensed MOTU figures in Argentina in the 80’s and 90’s. This sometimes resulted in some bizarre […]