The Nightmare Fuel of Kenner’s 1979 Big Chap Alien – Oddities #27

Join the Kickstarter campaign for In Search of Tomorrow: This is the story of Kenner’s 1979 18 inch “Big Chap” Alien. Back in 1979, hot on the heels of the unprecedented success of Star Wars, 20th Century Fox was looking for the next big space adventure and for whatever reason they settled on the […]

The Infaceables – A Unique Gimmick & A Quick Failure | Oddities #26

Riding the popularity of Masters of the Universe toys Galoob first released Blackstar action figures followed by a sister line called The Infaceables. Infaceables had a unique vacuum gimmick and not much else and withered after a very short time. Help the channel continue to grow by checking out our Patreon: To become a […]