That Time A Show Got A Toyline Years After It Was Cancelled: The Story of Blackstar

Blackstar is an American animated science fantasy television series, produced in 1981 Filmation. Borrowing heavily from Flash Gordon and John Carter of Mars, Blackstar also has many notable similarities to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which was produced shortly afterwards. The popularity of He-Man also caused Blackstar to finally get a toyline long […]

The History of MASK: The 1985 Cartoon and Toyline

In the height of 1980’s pop culture M.A.S.K. was born. Following 80’s precedent a toyline was developed involving transforming vehicles and action figures and then an animated series followed, lasting for 2 seasons. A MASK movie has been whispered about for years but so far nothing has happened. While you’re waiting for that let Dan […]

The Backwards History of Mighty Max: From Toyline to Cartoon to Discarded

On this episode we cover the slightly backwards history of the toyline and animated series for Mighty Max. A toyline born in the UK and imported to the US, it spawned an animated series that then went backwards to influence the toyline. Help the channel continue to grow by checking out our Patreon: Follow […]

The History of Dino-Riders: The Toyline That (Sort of) Made It To The Smithsonian

Save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain: Kids love dinosaurs and kids love war. Put them together and you get Dino-Riders. It was supposed to be huge with a full out marketing and merchandising blitz with tons of intricately sculpted toys but it failed after just one season and 14 […]

Maxx FX: How One Dumb Mistake Killed a Toyline | Oddities #13

Matchbox only released one figure from their Maxx Fx toyline in 1989, Freddy Krueger. But it was an incredibly ill-timed release and despite tons and tons of work from creator Mel Birnkrant and a number of other talented people, the line was cancelled after it’s only release. For lots more on the Life and Death […]

The Story of the 1987 Boglins Toyline – A Mini Documentary

Today we take a look back at the monstrous 80’s toyline, Boglins. We discuss it’s beginnings with creator Tim Clarke, and the memories we had with this awesome toy. Tim Clarke’s new Boglins: Pixel Dan You Sign up for the Game Chasers Insider Club Patreon: you can get early access to videos/exclusive […]

The History of MASK (1985 Toyline and Cartoon)

It was birthed at the retro pop culture nexus in 1985, had a relatively short lifespan and it’s fans have been teased with a reboot or resurrection multiple times since. We are, of course, talking about MASK. That uniquely amazing toyline combining action figures, vehicles and transforming. Here is the history of MASK. Help the […]