Comic Trips: Webisode 83- “The Doctor Will See You Now”

Nestled in the small town of Belmont, North Carolina lies a hidden gem. A comic book shop owned by a doctor, who is a pillar off his local community. We trekked to Doc’s Basement to see what all the fuss was about! Season 9 is sponsored by: Farpoint Toys & Collectibles: Mays Landing, NJ Get […]

Comic Trips- Webisode 82: “Fort Mill Fiasco”

Our “Local Comic Shop” here in South Carolina hasn’t been open too crazy long, but BOY do they do it right! Nikelspot Comics in Fort Mill, SC is home to a treasure trove of pop culture gold. Just see for yourself! Infinity Gauntlet unboxing video: Season 9 is sponsored by: Farpoint Toys & Collectibles: […]

Comic Trips: Webisode 80- “A Furry Farewell”

Comic Trips: Season 8, Episode 10 This is it! Our final webisode filmed as residents of NJ. This webisode is a change of pace, as we are showing you what we do with the $$$ donated to our $1 comic book bins at live events. Side note: Shooting this episode was extremely daunting due to […]

Comic Trips: Webisode 79- “You’re A Wizard, Philly.”

Comic Trips: Season 8, Episode 9 Wizard World Philadelphia was the first big event we ever ventured to back in 2015, just a mere 2-3mo after we started this channel. Well, a couple years later, we’ve decided to shoot an updated look at one of the largest comic conventions on the East Coast! This webisode […]

Comic Trips: Webisode 78- “Mad Mark: Beyond Plunderdome”

Comic Trips: Season 8, Webisode 8 If you’ve followed our travels since the beginning, you’ll already know the densely-populated state of New Jersey is also very heavily filled with great comic and toy stores. That doesn’t mean new ones aren’t opening, though. This week’s journey takes us right back to the Cherry Hill, NJ area […]

Comic Trips: Webisode 77- “The Force A-Hakens”

Coic Trips- Season 8, Episode 7 We’re heading BACK to Pennsylvania to visit Hake’s Americana & Collectibles’ headquarters. Why? TOYS. Lots and lots of incredibly valuable and RARE Star Wars toys that will be going up for auction this Fall, and the items are available to ANYONE who’s willing to pony up the cash. We […]

Comic Trips: Webisode 76- “Up, Upstate, and Away!”(pt2)

Comic Trips- Season 8, Episode 6 The second-half of our journey to Upstate New York takes us to a fairly new event, produced by a legendary name. Nickel City Con, which is produced by Dave & Adam’s Card World just started in 2016, but the acclaim it received in its first year got our attention… […]

Comic Trips: Webisode 75- “Up, Upstate, and Away!”(pt1)

Comic Trips- Season 8, Episode 5 At our first-ever time setting up at a large convention, which was Wizard World Philadelphia 2015, we came into contact with an incredible man, and someone from Paul’s past in a distant circle…well, for over 2yrs we have planned and promised to get there and now it’s happening! We’re […]

Comic Trips: Webisode 74- “Farpoint Of No Return”

Comic Trips- Season 8, Episode 4 Penelope and Justin from Farpoint Toys have joined forces with Frank Mozz of It’s A Toy Store to bring you the all-new FARPOINT located in Mays Landing, NJ. Come with us for the Grand Opening day as we get to catch up with some friends and see the newest […]

Comic Trips: Webisode 73- “Revenge Of The First”

Comic Trips- Season 8, Episode 3 Over the past 2.5yrs, we have traveled an uncountable amount of miles to destinations near and far…but it all started with one shop. The first comic book shop we EVER visited on this show was Stormwatch Comics in Berlin, NJ. When we did, we had no idea what we […]