The Crazy Bizarre History of Max Headroom: TV Star, Icon, Pitch Man, Pirate

On this episode we attempt to cover the crazy, bizarre history of Max Headroom. For his conception as a character introducing music videos to his own TV movie, to Coca-Cola spokesperson to gone in just a few years. His legacy as a instrument of political commentary may be more relevant than ever. Help the channel […]

AVGN TV Commercial & Trailer Reel

Here’s a Angry Video Game Nerd TV commercial reel. Relive the retro spoofs like Super NES/Sega Genesis,fake movie trailers, and all things related to AVGN’s pseudo-TV promotions. James Rolfe’s Twitter: Cinemassacre Shirts, DVDs, and Blu-rays: Merch on Teespring exclusive shirts: Click to Subscribe: Follow Mike Matei on Twitch: […]

Our Favorite Halloween TV Memories with Mr. Lobo – Rental Reviews

Mr. Lobo (our Landlord) joins us for a conversation about our favorite horror TV memories. We talk about Horror Hosts like Elvira, Joe Bob, and Mr. Lobo himself and also a ton of other spooky Halloween specials and movies. From The Halloween Tree to the Garfield Halloween Special to Roseanne to creepy commercials. It’s truly […]

Phantasm 2 TV Version

This is the edited TV version of Phantasm 2 (1988) that aired in the early 90s. source

The Running Man (1987) When Reality TV gets TOO real! – Rental Reviews

This video was sponsored by Skillshare. The first 500 people to sign up via my link will get two FREE months of Skillshare Premium: The Running Man takes place in the dark dystopian future of 2019. The gang watches this movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and talks about the crazy premise, over the top characters, […]