The History of The Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon: Too Violent for Saturday Mornings?

The Dungeons and Dragons cartoon hit the airwaves in 1983 riding the Satanic Panic wave from the Dungeons and Dragons Role-playing Game and only lasted a few seasons. It was also not helped by the fractured marketing approach which had a toyline and other merchandise being released as “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” with no action […]

VIOLENT SHIT – THE MOVIE (Official Trailer)

Follow the movie on the official FB page: VIOLENT SHIT – THE MOVIE (Official Trailer) directed by Luigi Pastore. source

Der Todesking “The Death King” (1990) – Trailer

Trailer of the shocking 1989 film from famous German splatter director Jörg Buttgereit. Seven episodes, each taking place on a different day of the week, on the theme of suicide and violent death. IMDb: source