The History of GI Joe Volume 1: Origins and the 12″ Line

Here is the first volume in the History of GI Joe. This covers the birth of the line and the original 12″ line of figures. Hasbro started humbly but grew very big and 1 of their earliest big hits was GI Joe. The line had a lot of action features and accessories and was successfully […]

80’s Commercials Vol. 328

These commercials aired on NBC on January 7th, 1984 1. “Mister T” Commercial Bumper 2. C-3PO’s Cereal (I wish I could try these without buying a box of 30 year old cereal on eBay) 3. G.I. Joe Falcon Glider and Viper Glider 4. “Mister T” End Credits 5. McDonald’s (With Good Sports Happy Meal Boxes) […]