Check out all of my Star Wars Content Here! ►►► Subscribe to not miss out on Star Wars: December Fest! ►►► The infamous Star Wars Holiday Special! I finally got my hands on this abomination and decided to drink some beers and watch it with two of my friends. It’s pretty much as […]

Leap in the Dark: Watching Me, Watching You by Fay Weldon

Leap in the Dark: Watching Me, Watching You by Fay Weldon. 05/09/80. BBC 2. Keith Barron, Brian Deacon, Erin Geraghty, Susannah Godman, Rula Lenska, Jennie Linden, Phillip Manikum, David Ponting and Elizabeth Romilly. Leap in the Dark was a British television anthology series with a supernatural theme. It was broadcast on BBC 2. It ran […]

A Stranger Is Watching – Trailer

They don’t see him, but he’s there. A stranger is watching; plotting; planning; and anticipating every move they make. Then he strikes. He imprisons a little girl and a famous reporter in the dank maze of tunnels beneath New York’s Grand Central Station. The kidnapper is a remorseless psychopath who wants to collect a ransom, […]