1988 – Burger King – Alf Invades BK Commercial

A Burger King is infested with an overabundance of Alf puppets, all of whom appear to have transformed into living beings. Dolls are found sunbathing under a french fry heat lamp, performing rock music and popping out of a Whopper box, amongst other activities. As the commercial closes, a couple of the dolls proceed to […]

Retro Commercials: Vol 56 (1982)

#retrocommercials #80scommercials #70s 1982 was such a rad year for 80’s commercials! 00:01 JC Penny – fun loving jeans 00:30 Mercury Lynx – car ad 01:00 Dial soap – ft. William Zabka 01:30 Sunoco gasoline – Sun dial service 02:04 Denny’s – ‘Your kids’ll love our food’ 02:34 Mazda 626 sedan 03:04 Wrigley’s Spearmint gum […]