The Ninth Guest (1934) – Roy William Neill

The Ninth Guest is practically the first “Survival” horror movie. It is supurbly directed by Roy William Neill and stars Genevieve Tobin, Hardie Albright, Edwin Maxwell, and Nella Walker. It’s a really good movie if you can give it a chance. I reviewed it. You can read that at source

Scared to Death, 1947, colour, Bela Lugosi.avi

Scared to Death was made in 1947 and was directed by Christy Cabanne. It stars Bela Lugosi, George Zucco, Nat Pendleton and Molly Lamont. It runs 67 minutes. It was filmed in Cinecolor, and is one of only three colour pictures Lugosi made, and the only one he starred in. Scared to Death opens with […]

Evil Altar Trailer (1988) William Smith

Director: James Winburn Stars: William Smith, Pepper Martin and Tal Armstrong In the small town of Red Rock, a devil-worshipping cult, in league with the local sheriff, kidnaps victims for sacrifice. Unfortunately not available on DVD, only VHS. UK PAL VHS: US NTSC VHS: Visit the zombie101trailers channel for everything zombie related (less […]

Trailer: Body Heat 1981

Theatrical trailer for the film BODY HEAT. Caused quite a stir in 1981. It was my favorite film for the longest time. source