TDDS – The world’s best MOTU Collection?

join Davey the self important asshole as he checks out Ben’s epic toy collection, featuring Batman, TMNT, Battlebeasts, Sectaurs, dc lego, comics and not to mention the most epic MOTU Collection.
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@1:12 Gremlins / Aliens
@2:44 Alien / Predator
@5:10 Alien vs Predator Statue
@5:30 G1 Transformers
@5:48 Battle Beasts
@7:08 Batman Lego
@8:05 Super Powers Batman / DC
@8:34 Keaton Batman
@9:54 Comic Book heroes
@10:30 Sectaurs
@10:52 2003 TMNT
@11:48 1989 TMNT
@12:44 2003 TMNT
@13:05 misc
@17:12 MOTU


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