Ten 80s Cartoons that only lasted ONE season…wonder why??

Hello everyone! Today we are looking at a few 80s cartoons that only lasted for one season! This is only a snippet of the many more 80s cartoons out there to only last a season, but I thought this was a great representation.

***Rambo Force of Freedom is considered to be a one season cartoon… its first ‘season’ had just 5 episodes and the second had 60 totalling 65 episodes. Most don’t consider that first mini series to be a season. And yes I accidentally said ‘has a hand for a claw’ instead of ‘has a claw for a hand’, ? lol very sorry everyone!!

Let me know in the comments down below which of these cartoons was worthy of several more seasons or which was just a bad idea all around haha! And let me know any more of your favorite single-season 80s cartoons!

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