THE AFTERMATH (1982) Trailer for this violent sci-fi post-apocalypse – aka ZOMBIE AFTERMATH

This is the trailer for Steve Barkett’s THE AFTERMATH.

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Three astronauts return from deep space to discover that a world-wide biological and nuclear war has ravaged the earth. That just the beginning of the problems though, as they face a dual peril from mutant cannibals wandering the streets and a gang of psychotic killers who control what is left of civilization.

While making their way through the ruins of Los Angeles, the astronauts learn of a few innocent survivors living in constant fear of the murderous gang and its leader (Sid Haig). The deranged leader savagely kills the survivors one-by-one until becoming the ultimate target of the avenging astronauts.

Director Steve Barkett with his brother Christopher write and star in this violent science fiction story that features effects by the soon to be famous Skotak Brothers (ALIENS, TERMINATOR 2), and a cameo by the late great Forrest J. Ackermann.