The Anti-Bodies – The Toxic Avenger (Official Video)


That’s right, we’re back on the MOP with a brand new music video about everyone’s favorite monster hero…


(Our punk rock tribute to the first superhero from New Jersey.)

Thank you to Jason Lethcoe aka “Uncle Mummy” for directing and animating this terrific Toxie toon!

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The Toxic Avenger

I was 98 pounds of solid nerd
Kissed a sheep while wearing a tutu haven’t you heard
Chased around the health club, next thing you know
I’m falling out of the second story window

Landed in a drum of toxic waste
Now I’m a creature of super human size and strength

They call me…

Toxie- My mighty mop will fend off my foes
Toxie- New Jersey’s first superhero
Toxie- The bad guy’s better surrender
Toxie- Don’t mess with The Toxic Avenger!

Now, I’m out on the streets, I can’t go back home
I said “mom, please, I’ll brush my teeth and wear cologne”
Claire is toxerific, she rocks my world
Even though I’m gross, I guess I still get girls

i’m the enemy of corruption
There’ll be no dicussion
I’ll crush your head, tear you to shreds
A gesture of goodwill
Detecting evil as I jump
Straight out of the city dump
Pollution, crime, “It’s Clean Up Time!”
Welcome to Tromaville!

That’s right, yes sir- The Toxic Avenger
Ex Janitor- The Toxic Avenger
Justice is served- The Toxic Avenger
Rest assured- That Melvin Ferd The Third is The Toxic Avenger!