The Embalmer (1965)

The Embalmer (or Il mostro di Venezia / The Monster of Venice) is a 1965 Italian giallo directed by Dino Tavella that was filmed in Trieste and Venice. In the US the film was released as a double feature with The She Beast. The film is patterned after the German krimi films in style and structure, and is also an early giallo. Directed by Dino Tavella it stars Maureen Brown, Luigi Martocci and Alcide Gazzotto .

A serial killer dressed in scuba gear and a wet suit in on the loose in the canals of Venice. He kills women by drowning them and taking them back to his underwater lair where he embalms them to preserve their beauty. The film is done in a style combining elements of the Italian giallo and West German Krimi films and features travelogue scenes of Venice, a killer who dresses as the Phantom of the Opera and an Italian Elvis Presley impersonator.

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