The Hype Is Real After Pattinson’s Batman Suit Reveal

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On February 13, The Batman director Matt Reeves took to Twitter to share the first camera test for the upcoming comic book adaptation in which Robert Pattinson plays the Dark Knight.

It doesn’t show very much of Pattinson’s face, but what the video lacks in direct face-time, it makes up for in epic slow-motion pans of Pattinson’s Batman suit. The clip is soaked in red light, and begins with Pattinson walking toward the camera as it focuses on the bat insignia on his costume. As he turns to one side, we get a peek of the shoulder pieces of the new suit and a taste of the Battinson cape. Then, finally, the lower half of Pattinson’s face comes into focus, with the upper half shielded by his Batman mask.

Given the day it was dropped and its candy-red color palette, this first video of Pattinson’s Batman could be considered something of a Valentine’s Day present from Reeves and the folks at Warner Bros. Pictures.

From our vantage point, it looks as though the film’s team may have been inspired by a few different versions of Batman’s iconic suit when they were working on the design for the new movie.

The short video Matt Reeves released shows a mechanical-looking Batman logo. In the 2015 video game Batman: Arkham Knight, the Batsuit armor pieces would mechanically tighten, align, or separate depending on what Batman wanted to do.

Arkham Origins also featured several different shoulder armor options for the Batman suit that look similar to what’s shown in the camera test clip Reeves shared online.

In Batman: Gotham Knight, the 2008 anthology film comprised of animated superhero shorts, Batman rocked a popped collar and a chin guard in the “Crossfire” segment.

Finally, in Gotham by Gaslight, an alternate-reality Batman set in the 1880’s also wore a slightly popped collar while battling against Jack the Ripper.

There’s even a theory going around that the Batman insignia on this new suit is literally made from pieces of the gun that killed Bruce’s parents. So, that’s metal.

Regardless of how the costume came together and what pieces of past Batman media it might be referencing, the important thing is that Pattinson loves how it looks. Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment in October 2019, Pattinson briefly gushed about his Batsuit. Keep watching the video to see that the hype is real after Pattinson’s Batman suit reveal!

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