The Intruder Within (1981)-Original Trailer

In this chilling made for tv ¨ALIEN¨ rip-off, the crew of an oil rig near antartica, drilling into the deepest waters in search of new sources of oil,they accdentally unearth a pocket of prehistoric eggs, which spawned a deadly embryo that can take over the body of anyone who comes in contact with it, soon evolving into an unstoppable monster, that once may have roamed the earth.

Quite good sci-fi thriller in the tradition of ¨ALIEN¨ and ¨THE THING¨ and starring: Chad Everett(Star Command, Supernatural),Joseph Bottoms(The Black Hole), Lynda Mason Green(War Of The Worlds, Odyssey 5) and Michael Hogan(Battlestar Galactica).