The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter (1987) Full Movie

Angela Carter (1940 – 1992) is best known for the film The Company of Wolves (1984), directed by Neil Jordan and based on her collection of short stories The Bloody Chamber (1979). Her novel The Magic Toyshop was published in 1967. The Granada Television film, directed by David Wheatley, was scripted by Carter and appeared in 1987 – soon after Neil Jordan’s more successful film.

The Magic Toyshop starred Caroline Milmoe, Tom Bell (the toy maker), and Killian McKenna. The film was issued on VHS but, as far as I know, has never appeared on a professionally produced DVD. The videos are difficult to find. A DVD I bought from an independent retailer turned out to be a transfer from a slightly dodgy home video recording – apparently the same recording that’s appeared here on YouTube. So far I haven’t found a prerecorded video. If you have one, let me know!

I previously uploaded an excerpt from the film as a taster. Now here’s the whole thing. I believe this film to be out of copyright… and shamefully neglected.